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Some home sellers price a home according to what they want or need. A home seller may have a number in mind that they want to cover moving costs, commission, or to make a profit. The fact is, if the list price for a home isn’t based on the current market value of the home, it will sit on the market for a long time. Buyers will look at how long the home has been on the market and wonder what is wrong with the home and why it hasn’t sold yet, resulting in no showings. Buyers are not interested in overpriced properties.

We want to emphasize that only the market can set the price for your home—an Agent doesn’t arbitrarily decide what the right price will be. Instead, your Agent should be able to give you a list of comparative homes for sale in the

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As of November 13, 73 multi-family homes have sold in South Boston during 2018.  

  • 2-Family Homes

    • Average Sale Price:        $1,123,966.67

    • Average Price / Sq.Ft.:    $491.15

  • 3-Family Homes:

    • Average Sale Price:        $1,628,970.59

    • Average Price / Sq.Ft.:    $540.52

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Rental property ownership can be one of the most secure and profitable investments for building a retirement portfolio, as well as an excellent secondary source of income. Buying right and keeping a handle on costs can generate a steady monthly cash flow — plus, the home should appreciate in value over time. 


Given the healthy rental market, there’s a lot of interest in rental investing, and many investors are looking to move money from the stock market to rental properties. Those new to real estate frequently buy one or two homes and self-manage to avoid the cost of professional management, but before taking the leap, check out this behind-the-scenes information.

  1. Know the law
    1. Massachusetts is very tenant friendly when it comes
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In a recent survey with, due to low inventory (down 8.5% from last February), the spring market will be competitive. The best advice to give buyers this spring is to know your exact comfort zone and what is the maximum price you are willing to pay. It is very important to be thinking about what you can afford as mortgage rates go higher especially if they move up quickly. Over 40 percent of buyers are looking to put down more than 20% in hopes of getting ahead of the competition, and most buyers have been actively looking for a home for over seven months. Most hope they will be able to purchase a house within the next six months. So, if you are planning on house hunting this Spring, good luck. If you plan to sell this Spring, chances are your

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The current pool at South Shore Country Club is over 60 years old and in need of some desperate repairs. Luckily, South Shore Country Club is planning to replace the failing pool with three new ones: an indoor six-lane lap pool, an indoor heated pool and an outdoor family pool/splash pad. The pool plan also includes an athletic center for gym equipment such as treadmills and bikes, a 5,400-square foot bathhouse, with locker rooms and a water slide. Since the club is owned by the town, voters at town meeting next month will decide whether to approve $300,000 in Community Preservation Act money to pay for pre-construction documents. The pools could be used by outside organizations or schools such as Notre Dame Academy and Hingham High School. The pools

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As the Spring Market begins to heat up, we wanted to show you a list of the most recent median home prices. There are a lot of great suburban towns to consider when looking into buying a home. Not sure where to start? Contact us and we would be happy to help you with the process. 

  Single Family Homes Sold Median Home Price Avg. Price Per Sq. Ft.
Weston 77 $1,800,000 $377
Wellesley 118 $1,612,500 $445
Dover 31 $1,525,000 $322
Needham 105 $1,187,500 $389
Concord 84 $1,075,000 $342
Lexington 118 $1,069,500 $408
Westwood 70 $958,152 $337
Sherborn 16 $787,500 $292
Hingham 105 $706,000
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Has your mom been nagging you to get renter's insurance? Not sure it's worth it? What does it even cover? Well, we are here to help you out.

1. Renters insurance works much the same way Homeowners insurance does. Landlord insurance does not work the same way as Renter's Insurance. You want YOUR stuff covered. 

That’s why Renters insurance is so important! It works to cover your:

  • Personal possessions – coverage for your things (clothes, furniture, electronics) up to your coverage limit.
  • Personal liability – coverage if you’re ever legally responsible for an injury or property damage, like if you drop some water and a guest slips and sues.
  • Medical payments – coverage for medical expenses if someone (other than a resident) gets hurt in an
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A few months ago we heard about a proposal for a new transportation system in Boston. Gondolas. This proposal will help commuters for the Seaport and South Boston areas. Millennium Partners is behind the idea and owns an industrial park within the Seaport District. Millennium Partners says it would carry 15,000 people a day along the mile-long stretch from South Station to a gondola station at the Marine Park. And despite the self-advantageous positioning of the final terminal, the company says it would be widely beneficial. This system has worked well in Portland, OR and the system has a lot of people excited. Rep. Stephen Lynch said “This gondola system would carry the equivalent of 40 buses per hour, while reducing vehicular traffic and eliminating

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Trying to get a good deal in Boston? Usually that is impossible, as Boston is one of the most expensive cities in the US for renters. But, there is a loophole, signing your lease in either January or February. According to reports from RentHop, the best time to rent an apartment in Boston is during the wintertime. January and February are the slowest months for new leases. February was considered the best month to move into a one bedroom, with rents generally dipping during that time. Almost no surprise to anyone, September 1 is the highest point to rent all year. That is also due to the influx of students in Boston that arrive every school year (Hello Allston Christmas). So, if you are in the market start looking now! Contact us if you would like to set

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Real estate is always a great investment. According to researchers, 2018 is a great year to buy due to more moderate gains in home prices and rising inventory levels. We know the process can be quite daunting which is why we are here to guide you through everything. Here are a few reasons why we this you should consider buying in 2018. 

1. Rates are going up. After a few years of low-interest rates, the federal government had to make some increases. The rate for a 30-year mortgage increased to 4% and is anticipated to reach 5% by the end of the year. Economic growth has something to do with that momentum, which is why it may be important to act sooner rather than later. 

2. Prices are on the rise, but not super fast. It is anticipated that price

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